About Us

Sylvie and Shimmy is an independent boutique, which opened in Parkdale, Toronto in 2013. We carry women's clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories and shoes.

Sylvie and Shimmy mixes simple and classic design with intricate and fun details based on a feminine chic style. We love colour and pattern that is combined with different textures and are heavily inspired by vintage looks, street style fashion and current trends.

The majority of our products are made by small independent designers from South Korea and Canada. We do not carry any mass produced items and take pride in showcasing independent talent.

At Sylvie and Shimmy, we provide stylish and unique designs that are practical enough to be worn on daily basis with reasonable price points. We put strong effort into quality assurance of our products.

Our top priority is to provide a comfortable and inviting shopping environment for patrons who are visiting our shop.